British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Official Scientific Report of NMR PIPETECTOR Installation

Anti-Corrosion Application, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC),


Installation Purpose and Result

British Broadcasting Corporation in London is the national broadcasting company in the United Kingdom, and built in 1953, and one of the BBC buildings where the television programs are made in the White City area of London has a major problem with corrosion in the iron pipework of the chilled water system involving the cooling towers. NMR Pipetector has been fitted onto the iron pipework of chilled water at the BBC television studios. For the protection of the chilled water system from corrosion in the Main Block Building and in the Stage 5 Building, four NMR units of 10 inch (PT-250DS) were installed onto the separate chilled water pipe works.

32 days after the installation of NMR Pipetector, the Fe content in water considerably decreased from 5.53mg/l (before the installation of NMR Pipetector) to 0.048mg/l in the Main Block Building, and 3.8mg/l (before the installation of NMR Pipetector) to 0.063mg/l in the Stage 5 Building. 57 days after the installation, the Fe content stayed at low of 0.06mg/l in the Main Block Building, and 0.008 mg/l in the Stage 5 Building, which are much lower than the British Government Standard for Drinking Water of 0.2mg/l.

It means that new forming of corrosion (FeO(OH)) inside of the pipework was immediately terminated, and the existing corrosion was reduced to magnetite (Fe3O4) which is not dissolved into the water and protects the inside of the pipe from corrosion.

Installation Summary


Fe Content in hot water (mg/l)


Fe Content in Water (mg/l)